Saturn Wireless® LLC | Enabling a wirefree world™


Saturn Wireless offers networking equipment and services to support the design and enhancement of our customer’s communications network.

Our certified network consultants provide a thorough consultation to enhance wireless, IoT and FirstNet networking communications, including 5G.

By partnering with the industry’s top networking brands such as CradlePoint, Sierra Wireless, Cisco, CalAmp, & DiGiwe have helped thousands of customers experiencing connectivity interruptions, wireless back-up and business continuity challenges.

Whether for business continuity, disaster relief or to simply connect devices within the customers ecosystem, Saturn Wireless offers countless possibilities in tailoring a networking solution that keeps business operations connected and protected.

Saturn Wireless offers key services with AT&T solutions to complement existing business & ensure optimal results:
  • Comprehensive Consultation
  • Device & Accessories Procurement
  • Provisioning of service, Static IP and i2Gold
  • Router Configuration
  • Deployment Support