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Saturn Wireless is privileged to be certified as an AT&T FirstNet Dealer.

FirstNet is the first and only nationwide wireless broadband platform and built on AT&T’s powerful network. Dedicated to and providing interoperable communications for the public safety community it enables information sharing across disciplines and jurisdictions, and improved situational awareness.

Public Safety FirstNet customers need to connect to the critical information they need, every day, in every emergency to save lives and protect U.S. communities. As an authorized FirstNet dealer, Saturn Wireless enhances AT&T’s efforts in qualifying, delivering and maximizing support to FirstNet customers.

FirstNet’s powerful broadband LTE network allows first responders and other public safety personnel to send and receive voice, data, video, images, and text without concerns about network congestion. The FirstNet network offers guaranteed priority and preemption when they’re needed.

Saturn Wireless offers key services with AT&T solutions to complement existing business & ensure optimal results:
  • Dedicated day-to-day support
  • Account Analysis & Optimization
  • Stewardship Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Orders Fulfillment
  • Staging and Kitting Services
  • Onsite & Remote Deployment Support
  • Device Lifecycle Management