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Saturn Wireless' Professional Services Group (PSG) can provide you with customized applications best suited for your industry.

A one stop mobility shop, Saturn can provide customized and turn-key solutions, including wireless devices and accessories, Professional service and Managed services, applications and training. Acting as a single point of contact, Saturn streamlines the process, while leveraging years of successful experience and expertise in the industry. Through our co-sell partnership with at&t, relationships with device manufacturers like RIM, Palm and HP, and several leading wireless applications firms, we are able to offer our customers mobility solutions best suited to their needs.

These alliances also enable us to offer our customers a gamut of wireless products and the convenience of one-stop-shopping and a single point of contact. In addition to the various wireless data products, we also offer related products such as Blackberry Server Software, Good software, and licenses for both Blackberry and Good. We also sell accessories for wireless devices.

Since its inception, the Saturn Wireless team has focused primarily on wireless data devices, making us the leading experts in wireless solutions including wireless devices and applications. We have used this expertise to create several programs that cover all aspects of a firmís wireless implementation and management. We recognize that customers are looking for more than just email from their data devices. Keeping that in mind, we have partnered with several leading wireless applications vendors. We also offer our own proprietary wireless applications.

In addition to device procurement, Saturn offers full support of your wireless solution, from conception to implementation, including consultation, installation, program management, support, and training. We also offer Managed Services, including managing and auditing wireless billing plans for maximization of operational expenses.

Deploying a wireless solution means a significant investment in terms of both time and money. The process of understanding the various wireless technologies and devices available, comparing coverage statistics, considering numerous wireless plans, negotiating the lowest possible price and finally implementing the solution Ė all this can be very time consuming and an extremely confusing process. This is especially true for firms that have not previously deployed wireless data devices and applications. Saturn Wireless offers various levels of support to customers looking to deploy a mobility solution. This includes the initial project management to understand the various technologies and options available to the customer, identifying the solution best suited to the customerís needs, technical support needed to integrate the solution with the customerís email systems, end user training support and finally the post-sale support through our Managed Services offerings.

At Saturn Wireless, we firmly adhere to the philosophy that customer comes first. Whether you are a small or medium sized business or a large Fortune 500 firm, we always offer stellar customer service and support, scalable to your needs. Each customer is assigned a sales representative as well as a Business Care Manager to support their needs ongoing. This ensures timely responses from our team and quick resolution of any issues.

Windows Mobile

Saturn Wireless' Professional Services Group (PSG)

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