Saturn Wireless Deploys ďM2MĒ Solution For Vermont Public Radio (VPR)

Saturn Wireless Installs Telular SX5e, a Fixed Wireless Terminal, at Vermont Public Radio (VPR), Increasing Reliability and Reducing Operational Cost.

Tellular SX5e identified by Saturn Wireless met the rugged, secure, efficiency and reliability criteria. For VPR uptime has been great. Itís pretty much hands-off. Itís always on and working.



Since its launch in 1975, Vermont Public Radio (VPR) has become one of the most listened to public radio stations in the country, based on radio listeners per capita. Twenty Five years later, it continues to be a trusted source for music, news, information and culture.

VPR has always been seen as a successful independent non-profit institution, with the ability to raise funds, have financial stability and entertain its listeners with high quality music.


Before implementing Telular, VPR relied heavily on its engineers, who would travel to mountain top sites every 15 days to ensure that the wired infrastructure ran smoothly, the transmission tower communicated with equipment at sub stations and broadcast reached the highest possible numbers of listeners. While it was easy to make a trip during simple weather conditions, it became extremely challenging and expensive during inclement weather, such as snow and rainfall, which is when the substations experienced the most disruptions.

With over 26,000 active listeners, VPR needed to be able to exercise more control over infrastructure, eliminate a recurring monthly maintenance bill and still be able to broadcast via a multi-tower network. VPR was also looking to scale its infrastructure and reach out to a larger listener base as each additional subscription meant higher revenue.


Given the customerís needs, Saturn Wireless felt a Telular solution was the best fit, because of its proven track record, performance and ability to scale (add additional transmission towers to reach out to newer listeners across a wider geography).

ďWe considered a number of products but were particularly impressed by the technical performance of Telular SX5e, due to its unparalleled reliability and its ability to provide a consistent connection by utilizing less bandwidth on GSM EGDE network. This meant a reduced phone bill and uninterrupted connectionĒ, states Manika Sood, Founder and CEO of Saturn Wireless.

ďBy teaming up with Saturn Wireless, we were able to identify an easy to install wireless terminal that has helped us reduces cost without reducing phone serviceĒ

Installing the equipment was simpler than what VPR has imagined. Saturnís Professional Services team visited the mountain top along with the engineer to set up the equipment and ensure it provided cellular connectivity at the highest db. Today the equipment is being managed, monitored and communicated with from the transmission tower.

This solution is currently deployed at about a dozen VPR sites in the first phase and will a couple of dozen more sites in the second phase rollout.

Superior technology wasnít the only factor in VPRís decision. The customer was very price-sensitive and Telular SX5e pricing was in line with the customerís requirements.


  • Simple: Offering plug-and-play installation using a RJ11 jack that features s simple splash page, Telular SX5e is the most user friendly solution for setting up wireless terminal.
  • High ROI: By installing Telular SX5e, VPR was able to significantly reduce the monthly telephone bill and maintenance cost to almost negligible. Every saving meant increased profitability.
  • Long-Lasting: The rugged body of Telular SX5e ensures long lasting quality of parts and their performance.
  • Reliable: Uptime has been great. Itís pretty much hands-off. Short of a power outage, itís always on and working. No lock ups
  • Affordable: When compared to its competitors that offer similar capabilities, Telullar SX5e leads its class. For not much at all, it offers higher reliability

Manika offers her final thoughts: ďI would highly recommend the Telular SX5e. As one of AT&Tís largest partners nationwide, itís important for us to have confidence in a manufacturer and their solutions. If I didnít believe Telular SX5e was a reliable and yet easy to install solution, we would not have recommended it to Vermont Public Radio.Ē

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