Project Management

The Saturn Wireless PSG includes a team of highly trained and experienced Project Managers that have done hundreds of deployments nationwide. These project managers will work closely with your designated team to create a project plan to manage the process, develop metrics to analyze the success, work within your policies and procedures and ensure that a concrete plan is developed and executed. We also offer services to configure, stage & deploy devices, and pre-load applications prior to shipping or deploying. We can create a customized Support Portal branded for your organization. This customizable portal can contain complete product and service offerings, a secure order center, online help center, user manuals, FAQs, tutorials, trouble ticket system and any additional information you want to make available for your end users.

Saturn's Professional Services Group (PSG) assists you in the management and rollout of your wireless project:

  • Process orders, activations, ports and upgrades
  • Address book/contact information transfer
  • Pre-load applications
  • Custom configuration of mobile devices
  • Customized ordering portals
  • Staging, kitting, provisioning, testing, activating and deploying
  • Metrics development and analysis
  • Asset management

Saturn Wireless' Professional Services Group (PSG)

For more details or to purchase, please reach us at or 201-386-1000 ext 3