wireless applications

Industry Solutions

Every business has unique needs. To gain an advantage over industry rivals, a company needs solutions designed to meet specific business requirements.

At Saturn Wireless, we know that one solution does not fit all customers. And we are committed to meeting the distinct, evolving needs of individual businesses within the industries we serve. From Retail, Kiosks, Courier, transportations, government, healthcare, education, legal and M2M, we offer a winning combination of devices, applications, professional services and consulting.


Retail And Direct Store Delivery

Transform the consumer experience, improve productivity, maximize supply chain efficiency and amplify profits

Kiosks, ATMs, Vending Machines

Enhance and extend enterprise communications with fast, easy and cost-effective wireless broadband.


Courier And Delivery Companies

Extending information to the point of activity delivers new efficiencies with secure, cost effective, reliable voice and data communications. Drive productivity and customer service levels up and interruptions down.

Travel And Transport

Accelerate productivity, profitability and operational efficiencies by managing your fleet in the most effective manner.



It is critical for local government technology to be efficient for public to be safe and for governments to respond effortlessly to problems as they arise.


Extend mobility to the point of care and beyond.



Create seamless campus environment by connecting students, employees and teachers with information, empowering them to do their best.


Transform your firms, increase productivity, enhance experience.



We help businesses quickly and cost effectively design and launch machine to machine (M2M) capabilities.