Saturn Wireless helps a leading telecommunications provider migrate to a powerful data capture solution

Saturn Wireless designed a customized solution with rugged device (Motorola MC55), Fleet Management solution (Xora) and a Device Management application (Afaria) to ensure secure, efficient and reliable real-time data flow. For Epana, it helped improve profitability, employee accountability and customer service while reducing operational cost.



Epana is a New-York based subsidiary of Vivaro Corporation, a Spanish Telecommunications and Financial Services provider. As a leader in selling calling cards, Epana had realized tremendous growth both in market share and geographical footprint.

With hundreds of sales representatives in the field across United States, Epana needed a versatile handheld solution that could help manage field staff and allow communication between them on a ‘real-time’ basis. Epana turned to Saturn Wireless to create a solution that would help its sales reps do their job efficiently, thereby enhancing customer experience and increasing sales.


Until recently, Epana had a very basic scanning system where sales representatives would scan calling cards as they sold them in the field and upload this data to the company system at the end of the day using Wi-fi connectivity. Unfortunately this process had several challenges.

There were times when their old device would not read the barcode data, so notes had to be generated manually. This often led to loss of data or incorrect data entry, in addition to being an inefficient and time-consuming process.


Saturn Wireless, a one-stop shop for wireless solutions and AT&T’s largest partner in the country, evaluated the customer’s needs and recommended a combination of rugged devices (Motorola MC55), Fleet Management solution (Xora) and a Device Management Application (Afaria).

“While consulting customers on a solution, we at Saturn Wireless aim at identifying mobile technologies that help meet their long-term goals, cut costs, increase revenues and dramatically improve customer satisfaction,” states Manika Sood, Founder and CEO of Saturn Wireless. “We invest time and resources in understanding the customer’s business so that we can advise them on how to manage, maintain and protect assets that keep their operations running at peak performance.”

For Epana, Saturn Wireless chose the Motorola Symbol MC55 device because of its rugged qualities, along with 2 key wireless applications, Xora and Afaria, giving Epana a complete solution.

Apart from reducing workload on salesforce, the new paperless approach is also far less prone to human error that used to be caused trying to read handwritten notes

Today, there are over 300 MC55 devices that are being used by Epana sales representatives to capture data electronically. When sales representative are in the field, the scanner automatically switches to GPRS. Sales managers can use the Xora screen to manage the movement of their sales representatives. If there are a lot of drops left, they can call the sales reps on MC55 to see if they need assistance. This use of real-time data enables the company to provide a much more fluid delivery service, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

“Switching to state-of-the-art wireless digital information network offers Epana tremendous advantages. Sales reps can remain in the field longer without the need to sync up at the end of the day. Management can see real time data on their teams’ activity and can plan their business accordingly,” adds Manika.

The MC55 EDA-based system is also more secure than previous processes. No information is stored on the devices, therefore everything is kept in a central server and synchronized in real-time with the devices.


Precision, accuracy and dependability of technology were the three factors that drove the customer decision,” notes Manika. “ MC55 EDA has helped Epana save considerable amount of money and resources.”


  • Increased Business Efficiency: Motorola MC55 offers a perfect blend of form and function. Providing a single device for voice and data significantly reduces capital and operational costs, boosts staff efficiency and improves customer service.
  • Superior ROI: With a rapid ROI, The MC55 is easy to cost-justify. A single device replaces as many as five business devices, substantially reducing capital and operational expense.
  • Improved Productivity: The power to access inventory on real time has helped Epana’s salesforce streamline their day-to-day schedules. This has helped reduce workload and free up time for more sales calls and customer service.
  • Accuracy: The data capture and wireless access capability has helped in proofing Epana’s processes which has, in turn, improved efficiency and increased profitability.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: MC55 EDA’s helps sales representatives deliver to their customers on time. Increased reliability means happier customers, repeat business and a growing bottom line.

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