Saturn Wireless delivers “web-based” solution for Petroleum and Gas Hauling Company

Saturn Wireless Develops a Vehicle Tracking Solution for Brittany Trucking, Deploying Logitrac Modem into Each Vehicle

Logitrac’s sophisticated technology expands the capabilities of vehicle tracking and monitoring to bring tangible benefits and operating effectiveness for today’s logistics. For Saturn Wireless and Brittany Trucking, it helped improve efficiency, employee accountability and customer service while reducing fuel cost



Pennsylvania based Brittany Trucking, with dozens of trucks and drivers, has been delivering gas and petroleum to customers homes. In order to meet customer demands, Brittany Trucking needed an efficient way to track their drivers locations, as well as their mileage and hours. Brittany Trucking turned to Saturn Wireless to create a solution that would increase the accountability of their workforce and enhance customer experience. Saturn Wireless, a one-stop shop for wireless solutions and AT&T’s largest partner in the country, took charge of the entire project from consulting and identifying the solution, to procurement and deployment.


Before implementing Logitrac, Brittany Trucking relied on a manual process to track their fleet. Drivers had to manually update their daily logs on paper. There was no way for the company to verify the mileage or time spent on the job site to ensure drivers efficiency. For Brittany Trucking to be most cost effective, it had to maximize utilization of its resources. In a competitive environment, that wasn’t an easy task.


“At Saturn Wireless, we are committed to providing customer with the best solutions to meet their long-term needs. With the rapid growth of wireless technologies, customers are usually overwhelmed and rely on partners like us to provide independent knowledge and assessment of the most apt solutions at an affordable price.” states Manika Sood, Founder and CEO of Saturn Wireless.

Saturn Wireless chose Logitrac because it offers all of the features that a satellite-based GPS solution does, but at a lesser cost. By providing a history of all stops made, Logitrac could track mileage by optimizing driving routes and reducing operational expenses.

Logitrac is more user-friendly, less expensive, and gives us the ability to better track our drivers, as well as access a more extensive variety of reports compared to competing solutions

With the GPS feature, Logitrac also provides Brittany Trucking with a web-based map showing real-time locations of every truck in the fleet. This enables the company to efficiently dispatch calls to the closest driver, improving customer service while maximising fuel consumption.

Logitrac makes tracking more affordable. No matter where the vehicle is, Logitrack keeps a tab on it 24/7 without breaking the bank. Because it is easily managed though a web-based portal, there is no additional software to install on customer’s computer systems. The system was up and running almost immediately, allowing Brittany Trucking quick access to over 22 different types of alerts and over 20 reports, much more than they needed to infuse accountability and efficiency into the system.

Installation and setup with Logitrac units was simple. The reporting features found in Logitrac’s online software saved several hours of manually calculating mileage every month. Productivity and punctuality increased once drivers realized that every move was being monitored. The tracking feature allowed Brittany Trucking to pinpoint their daily transport problem areas.


Superior technology wasn’t the only factor in Brittany Trucking’s decision. “The customer was very price-sensitive,” notes Manika. “Logitrac’s pricing was in line with the customer’s requirements.”


  • High ROI: By tracking their drivers, Brittany Trucking was able to bring down the cost to less than a $ per truck. Every saving meant increased profitability.
  • Improved Accountability: The reports are extremely accurate and allows customers to track drivers mileage and hours, hence increasing accountability.
  • Ease of Installation: Being compact, the device can be placed anywhere inside the vehicle and with a built-in antenna, it makes the installation process much easier and faster.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Logitrac helps drivers to deliver to their customers on time. Increased reliability means happier customers, repeat business and a growing bottom line.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: By monitoring the location of every truck in the field and dispatching the closest truck when a call comes in, Logitrac can improve efficiency and customer service.

Manika summarizes her company’s experience with Logitrac: “As a leading AT&T partner, it’s important for us to offer an optimum solution at an affordable cost. We have had tremendous success with Logitrac and feel very confident endorsing their solutions.”

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