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Saturn Wireless prides itself on being a first class end-to-end mobile and wireless solution provider. When a customer recognizes potential areas for improved productivity for their mobile employees or internal support staff, evaluating each variable of the mobile and wireless equation can become a formidable and time consuming task.

Saturn Wireless has amassed a powerful list of strategic partners that satisfy the precise needs and requirements of our customers. These requests are met through a consultative approach where appropriate recommendations are made based on our robust offerings suite including top-of-the-line mobile devices, accessories and peripherals, and of course, the absolute finest solutions in the mobile application space.

Each Saturn Wireless partner is best-in-class and represents an important part of any strategic solution. Our sales teams are well trained on all of the solutions we represent and make the complex work of successful application guidance and support seamless to our customers. By tirelessly evaluating the certified application providers of our strategic hardware partners, such as RIM, Motorola, and HP, along with our exclusive wireless communication partner, AT&T, Saturn Wireless can confidently provide recommendations for an outstanding partner, offering an exceptional solution.

Our mobile applications encompass the areas of the business that matter most to our customers.

Horizontal Industry Mobility Solutions

Emergency Communications / Business Continuity Planning with partners including Send Word Now, Wallace Wireless, PINpoint by Tenet, and Neverfail.

Key features of these offerings include the ability to communicate in an emergency to save lives, while working through a disaster or a critical event, all while providing the highest level of confidence for ongoing business communication.

Remote IT Solutions with partners including Rove, BoxTone, and Aeroprise.

Securely connect to backend systems from mobile devices to provide convenient and immediate access to multiple monitoring and management functions, utilizing a mature, intuitive mobile interface allowing system access and support, from anywhere.

Fleet Management with partners including Telenav, Xora, Airversent, and Webtech Wireless.

Saturn Wireless recognizes the mobility challenges in the transportation and fleet industry, and has the right solutions to meet your needs. Whether your requirements involve the management of a diverse workforce, spread out over a large geographical territory, or handle changes in delivery, routes, products, etc., we have got you covered.

Mobile Device Management with partners including BoxTone, Airwatch, SOTI, and Motorola.

Our robust set of solutions in the Mobile Device Management space include applications that manage your mobile environment, improve visibility and control, and distribute applications, data and configuration settings to mobile devices. MDM considerations are critical in today’s mobile environment and optimizing the functionality and security of a mobile communications deployment is critical when minimizing cost and downtime, all while providing improved productivity.

Custom Application Development for Line of Business (LOB) solutions such as (CRM / SFA / ERP / SCM). We accomplish this though a structured onsite consultative approach working alongside our key partners in this area including Global Bay, Pyxis Mobile, Flowfinity, and others.

Custom Application Development needs have increased ten-fold in the last few years as the proliferation of mobile devices and the deep understanding of mobility has grown. The ability to enable users to perform many common transactions through a variety of mobile platforms, while connecting to unique company assets and systems supported today by devices in the field is pervasive. Custom applications can allow for all types of mobile transactions to be carried out at the point of use, improving real-time processing, improved data accuracy, accuracy in reporting, and of course, the convenience only mobile solutions can provide.

Example Vertical Industry Solution Areas

Legal with partners including Airtime Manager and Exgis

Applications place powerful business tools in the hands of busy and on-the-go legal staff, leveraging and expanding upon the need to instantly respond to clients, juggle complex calendars, and bill time to their many customers.

Financial Services with partners including Blue Systems, Stockstream, and Pyxis Mobile.

Wireless solutions provide today’s financial services professionals with the ability to stay informed, collaborate on solutions, and execute on decisions with up-to-date and real-time financial data

Government / Education with partners including e2Campus, BioKey, Cellcrypt, and Defywire.

Development of custom applications based on the needs and requirements of particular agencies and departments whether it is law enforcement requiring a fully integrated mobile data system; or when secure messaging and voice communication are essential; or if disaster recovery and infrastructure redundancy is essential...

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical with partners including Patientkeeper, Pepid, Epocrates, and MediMobile.

Real-time access to patient information and clinical data is critical to today’s Medical world. The ability to update medical records in real-time, and to immediately store and retrieve them translates to higher quality healthcare, plus less time wasted, higher productivity, and more money saved.

As a one stop shop for all of your mobile solution needs, by working together, let Saturn Wireless help guide your mobile solution vision into reality.

customer success stories

"Using Neverfail, our business is protected and our systems work continuously. An issue like email not being available is now a thing of the past."

Philip Woodgate
Business Systems Partner
Goodman Jones

Goodman Jones is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in central London offering a broad range of personalised business services. Formed in 1934, the firm has 13 partners and a total of 80 employees.

This information is from a case study originally published by Neverfail Ltd. located at

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