BlackBerry Accessories/Add-Ons

In addition to holsters, chargers and cradles, Saturn Wireless also offers products compatible with your BlackBerry device to meet your rugged needs.


EnterMoCaseThe EnterMoCase™ is a powerful combination of technologies in a compact ruggedized package equipped with enhanced data functionality including barcode scanning and signature capture to work with the BlackBerry© Curve™ smartphone. It is designed to meet the needs of workers performing missioncritical tasks in logistics transportation and field service.

The Entermo works best for the following vertical solutions:
• Field Service, Warehouse, Logistics for the 1D unit.
• The 2D unit will apply to the airlines, postal, warehouse, entertainment, medical, etc.
• Examples: Field merchandiser is sent a job, attends the job, completes the tasks and scans the stocked used, has the job signed off, takes and image and uploads to the back end server.
• Examples: Medical – patient management to replace pagers, attend the patient, barcode the patients tags, administer the tasks, sign off the task with signature, that also records date and time.
• Courier Delivery: using the BlackBerry for GPS mapping, delivery and signature recording and barcode the package with date and time.
• Field service: Photo copy people are pushed a job, attend the job, use parts that are barcode scanned, complete job sheet, customer signs, completed job is invoiced.
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• Timely spoken notification of incoming messages
• Listen to intelligently pre-processed email designed to provide clear and intelligible speech
• Common typographical error correction
• Simplification of embedded URLs and cryptic information
• Expansion of embedded email addresses to names when known
• Context sensitive expansion of common abbreviations and acronyms
• Simplification of long subject lines
• Support for plain text, HTML, and MIMEencoded messages
• Support for incoming PINs (BlackBerry device-to-device messaging)
• Automatic language detection – across supported languages
• Listen to email messages available across multiple mailboxes including;
   - All messages
   - Only new messages
   - All unopened messages
• Compose new email by name
• Handle email as desired, when desired
• Reply with standard template or voice reply (mp3, <=60 seconds)
• Place call directly to sender (when phone number exists in address book)
• Delete
• Forward by name
• Reply sender
• Mark as unread

Voice Interaction and General Usability
• Simple, voice-directed pairing
• Secure – authenticated and encrypted communication
• Automatic in-vehicle transition to have your email and other content read out loud when in the vehicle
• Voice activated barge-in
• Pause, resume
• Beginner or expert voice personalities
• Context sensitive help
• Spoken installation instructions
• Firmware upgrades can be performed using a USB memory storage device
• Do-not-disturb mode (activate with Bluetooth or iLane button)
• Automatic contact access – no need to manually "synchronize" / "download"
• Simple configuration menu using buttons (factory reset, verbose / expert mode, sensitivity, speed)
• Automatic light dimming at night
• Automatic sleep and power-off modes to minimize impact on vehicle battery
• Enterprise phone software deployment (BES)
• Direct voice feedback to iLane customer support

• Up to 500 messages browsed
• Up to 4000 contacts stored
• Supports multiple users and email addresses

Operating Requirements
• Blackberry 8000+ Series (BOS 4.1 - 4.5)
• Valid email address
• Monthly subscription from
• iLane account and Gateway Software
• iLane Certified Bluetooth Headset
• Windows Mobile 5 - 6.1

AES-256 bit encryption, smartphone-to-iLane
Secure data exchange with your smartphone keeps
private information localized in your vehicle.

iLane-Certified Bluetooth Headset

For maximum performance and listening privacy, the iLane-Certified Bluetooth Headset included will pair directly with your iLane. Chosen for its award-winning noise cancellation and audio technology as well as its ease of use, iLane announces new messages, incoming calls, news and weather content and command prompts directly through the headset.
Installation / Connection
• Simple in-vehicle accessory plug-in without tools or batteries
• Compact design for easy mounting and storage
• Quick online registration process and autoinstall of software
• Helpful narrated setup to integrate iLane with your smartphone and iLane headset

Connectors, LEDs, and Controls
Power Specifications
• 12-24 VDC
• Internal Speaker 3W
• Operating Temp of -20°C to +55 °C

Size and Weight
iLane-Certified Bluetooth Headset Specifications
• Max Operating Range 10ft (3m)
• Max Talk Time 5.5 hours
• Max Standby Time 200 hours
• Initial Charging Time 2 Hours
• Battery Type 3.7V Lithium Polymer
• Charging Connection USB 1.1 Host
• Connectivity Bluetooth Wireless Technology 2.0

In The Box
• iLane Unit
• 12/24V Power Cable for Accessory Port (cigarette lighter)
• Headset (including ear gel and spare ear clip)
• AC Charge Cable (for headset charging)
• USB Charge Cable (for headset charging)
• Vent Mount Clip Option
• Cable Clips (2)
• iLane Quick Start 1-2-3
• iLane User Guide
• iLane Product Warranty

iLane Voice Commands

Options or Help Spoken help for your current task
Quiet iLane stops speaking but still listens to voice commands
Good-Bye iLane is silent and ignores voice commands until new email arrives, or until you click headset or press “select” on iLane Unit
Do Not Disturb iLane is silent and ignores voice commands until you click headset or press "select"
Browse Find all email messages
Browse Unopened Find all unopened email messages
Check Messages Find new messages
Read Message Read the message
Read Again Repeat the message
Next Message Go to the next email message
Previous Email Message Go to previous email message
Reply Respond with voice .mp3, text template, or phone call
Forward Re-Direct this message to different contact
Cancel Stop, do not send
Compose Email Initiate /record an email message
Review Listen to outgoing messages before sending
Record Again Start over and record again
Send Message Deliver this message (confirmation required)
Delete Delete this message
Call By Name Call someone by saying their name
Call By Number Call someone by saying their number
Call Back Call the sender of current message
Yes Complete an action (for example, “Answer the phone?”)
No Stop and action (for example, “Answer the phone?”)
Check Calendar Find today’s upcoming calendar events
Check News Listen to news articles of pre-selected interest
Check Weather Listen to weather forecasts for a specific city
Provide Feedback Send a voice note to the iLane support team
Yes Complete an action (for example, “Delete this message?”)
No Stop and action (for example, “Compose a reply?”)
You can interrupt iLane with a voice command at any time. You do not need to wait until iLane stops speaking.


OtterBoxOtterBox cases provides protective solutions for all leading global handheld manufacturers. OtterBox cases ruggedize your device to withstand extreme weather conditions, as well as working environments where there would be a need to protect your device on a daily basis. In addition to BlackBerry cases, OtterBox offers cases for Nokia, Palm, LG, Motorola/Symbol, HTC, and more.



RedFly Mobile Companion


C7The REDFLY Mobile Companion C7 has a seven-inch screen, 1.46 lbs, full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, bluetooth and 2-USB and VGA ports, which enables people to use their smartphones like a laptop.

The REDFLY C7 has no OS, storage or processor, but uses the smartphone's computing power and OS to give users the ability to interact with the smartphone's familiar user interface at a resolution of 800x480-pixels. It has 5 hour battery life, a size of 1 x 6 x 9 inches and weighs 1.46 lbs. (.7kg).


C8NThe REDFLY Mobile Companion C8N has a eight-inch screen, 2 lbs, full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, bluetooth and 2-USB and VGA ports, which enables people to use their smartphones like a laptop.

The REDFLY C8N has no OS, storage or processor, but uses the smartphone's computing power and OS to give users the ability to interact with the smartphone's familiar user interface at a resolution of 800x480-pixels. It has 8 hour battery life, Media Port (NTSC/PAL video in with optional cable).

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