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Law Enforcement Solutions For Government

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Saturn Wireless Law Enforcement Solutions enable preparedness, security and emergency response. Whether the population is in the hundreds or millions, We help state and local governments to serve their residents and improve operations.

Our teams have worked with Government offices across the country to recommend and design solutions for data capturing, data accessing and processing decisions. Today our solutions are being used to access data on citizens, get history of violations and issue summons against traffic violations, unruly conduct, etc, on real time basis making them smarter and efficient.

Our Portfolio of Law Enforcement solutions includes rugged devices and partner applications from leading companies such as Motorola, Intermec, Opticon, Airo Panasonic, Psion Teklogies, xRiver, Honeywell

Our Emergency applications include:

  • Biokey: PocketCop Application that gives law enforcement a fully integrated mobile data system for law enforcement, providing secure, encrypted mobile access to NCIC, DMV and other federal, state and databases virtually anywhere and anytime
  • PINpoint Keeps people connected during the most critical of times: power outages, server failures and emergency situations
  • Freeance Mobile Government agencies, utilities, and other enterprises use Freeance Mobile in Public Safety initiatives, inspections, code enforcement, public works projects, GIS mapping, GPS collecting
  • ePak Application for mission critical alerts on wireless devices, ensures that important communications are delivered in a timely fashion. Helps companies meet the compliance needs
  • SecuBox On-the-fly encryption of sensitive data stored on Smartphone and its removable cards. Creates an encrypted volume that looks and feels like another media card
  • Stinger Designed primarily to meet the specific needs of law enforcement agencies that operate bait vehicle monitoring programs, an effective solution for a variety of covert vehicle surveillance and monitoring purposes
  • VisionMOBILE Mobile data solutions for police and fire agencies. VisionMOBILE provides map screens, display call locations and the locations of fellow officers
  • GST The ability to track multiple GPS-enabled devices in order to have multi-department interoperability. Ideal for Public Safety and First Responders during a major incidents
  • Send Word Now Global voice & text alerting notification solution for both public & private organizations

For more details or to purchase, please reach us at sales@saturnwireless.com or 201-386-1000 ext 3